Determining your voice type can be helpful, especially if you sing in choirs, ensembles, musicals, or as a lead vocalist. While most voices don’t fit perfectly into one specific voice type, here are six basic voice types and their approximate ranges:

  • Bass: C2-F4
  • Baritone: E2-A4
  • Tenor: G2-C5
  • Alto: C3-G5
  • Mezzo: E3-A5
  • Soprano: G3-E6

Keep in mind that these ranges may overlap, and it’s important not to strictly label your voice. Every voice is unique. Some famous artists and their voice types include:

  • Bass: Barry White
  • Baritone: Frank Sinatra
  • Tenor: Jon Bon Jovi
  • Alto: Cher
  • Mezzo: Adele, Beyonc√©
  • Soprano: Mariah Carey